Panels come in Clear and Opal and can be matched to most of the metal roofing profiles.

Ampelite introduced Wonderglas GC (now Wonderglas S-996) gel coated sheeting to New Zealand in 1995 expressly to combat our very harsh environments. Wonderglas S-996 continues to be a preferred solution for commercial buildings throughout New Zealand and Australia. Wonderglas S-996 is recommended for commercial and retail applications where excellent long term light transmission is required.

Ampelite uses the superior Silmar S-996 Gel Coat on all Wonderglas S-996
(formally Wonderglas GC) product. Silmar S-996 was specifically designed as a clear Gel coat for roofing. This highly UV resistant Gel coat provides Wonderglas S-996 (formally Wonderglas GC) with the ultimate impenetrable barrier that reduces surface erosion and loss of light transmission to negligible proportions. Since its introduction, Wonderglas S-996 (formally Wonderglas GC) has been proven on thousands of installations throughout New Zealand.

Wonderglas GC (now Wonderglas S-996) has been tested at the Allunga Exposure Laboratory in Allunga QLD, a world renowned testing facility. All methods of testing are performed to strict Standards. The Altrac system (in which the sample tracks the sun), is generally accepted to have a 5 to 1 weathering value. The Wonderglas GC (now Wonderglas S-996) result was a light loss of 22% over a period equivalent to 20 years exposure. The test samples still displayed a very smooth, glossy surface with no fibre show at all.

Surface Finish Properties have been tested to ISO 5660 and achieved a group number 3 performance in accordance with NZBC Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix.

Wonderclad GC manufactured in New Zealand after the 15 October 2020 will now use Ampelite’s proprietary Group 3 Bromine Free fire retardant resin system that is currently used to manufacture our SL sheeting products.

The composition of our Silmar S-996 Gel coat has remained un-changed since Wonderglas GC (now Wonderglas S-996) introduction into the New Zealand market in 1995, making it the oldest and most dependable Gel coated roofing sheet in the market.

  • Surface erosion (fibre show) is eliminated.
  • Superior resistance to yellowing and hazing.
  • Minimal loss of light transmission over life.
  • 99% protection from UV rays.
  • More cost effective over the life of the building.

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