TwinWall Polycarbonate sheets offer many advantages over the more traditional polycarbonate profile sheets. They will provide a modern, flat look to your roof that is easy to cut and available in several colours and differing levels of thickness. Twinwall is designed to meet all of your project requirements in glazing.

This high quality polycarbonate glazing sheet has a thin wall tunnel and rectangular structure which lends itself well to vertical and curved structures. It offers high impact strength, excellent light transmission, light weight, easy installation, long term weather resistance and outstanding insulation properties.

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The impact strength of Twinlite ® sheets, determined with normal laboratory methods for production control, is really considerable, as appears from the following table:

(Falling Ball Method)
Kgm J
Glass (Thickness 4mm) 0.2 2
Safety Glass (Thickness 6mm) 1 10
Polymethyl methacrylate (thickness 4mm) 1.2 12
TWINLITE® double walled sheet (6mm) 16 160
Polycarbonate straight sheet (thickness 2mm) 20 200